Episode 1: The Meaning of Peace & Pacifism

Professor Andrew Fiala, from Fresno State University in California, will join Ed Conroy to discuss war and peace and pacifism, from a philosophers perspective.

This episode titled ‘The Meaning of Peace & Pacifism’ is all about peace and how it adds meaning to our lives, how we can build better lives living peacefully, pacifistically and non-violently and how different forms of pacifism can be enacted both personally and socially. How is peace is important for our societies and individuals and how that contrasts and changes across different cultures and social groups in their attitudes towards peace, pacifism and nonviolence. And also how pacifism can be ‘transformative’. The episode will be the first to be released as part of the dokeo podcast pilot series, despite being the final one to be recorded.

Professor Fiala is currently Chair of Philosophy at Fresno State University, and director of the University’s Ethics Center. Previously he has been an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin.

He is widely published, having authored such volumes as Transformative Pacifism (2018); Against Religions, Wars, and States: Enlightenment Atheism, Just War Pacifism, and Liberal-Democratic
(2013); The Just War Myth: The Moral Illusions of War (2008) and Practical Pacifism (2004). As well as some 50 plus academic papers; and given over 80 academic conference presentations.

Previously Professor Fiala was President of the CPP (Concerned Philosophers for Peace) and is the first ever Ethicist in Residence at the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has previously been the Treasurer (and webmaster) for the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World.

You can read more about and from Professor Fiala on his website.

If you have any questions for Professor Fiala about the subjects above, please do fill out our Guest Questions form, so they can be asked during the recording on April 21st.





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