Social Media

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How we approach Social Media

Twitter is the number 1 place for Podcasters, so we’re fairly active there, where Ed tweets and engages with the Philosophy, Academic and Podcast Twitter communities.

We also have a small presence on Facebook; and an even smaller presence on Instagram; we’re managing to grow our TikTok views and content; whilst PhilPeople is primarily used for research, we will look into maximising our use of PhilPeople for promotional content too.

Ed uses his own LinkedIn to advertise the show; though we have our own SnapChat it’s not particularly active.

Patreon is primarily a ‘subscription support’ service for the show – which at time of writing had no ‘patrons’.

The show is newely joined to Tumblr, and although not as popular as it once was, we believe their is an audience there that would enjoy the output of the show.

YouTube at present is just ACast and Spreaker monikered static videos with the podcast playing in the background – we will explore using the video content from the recordings (as we have done fairly well on TikTok) on YouTube – perhaps as a way of broadening the shows listener base – we may even look into YouTube live down the road for some projects we have thought about.

We also have a presence on Reddit, and in preparation for the podcast taking off in any great way we have a discord set-up and ready to launch.

The show is currently developing it’s own Android Mobile app – which will hope to release in advance of Season 2.