This is an opportunity to share some resources in your wider reading on Philosophy, generally these resources will be free to access, unless otherwise stated


Books (Print – Not free to access

Not available for free, and prices correct at 20:00 on April 3rd 2021

  • Michael Chobi – Suicide: The Philosophical Dimensions (2011) from £11.76 (as a Google Play EBook via Broadview Publisher): BROADVIEW PUBLISHER | AMAZON.CO.UK | GOOGLE PLAY
  • Michael Cholbi & Travis Timmerman (editors) – Exploring the Philosophy of Death and Dying: Contemporary Perspectives (2020) from £30.67 (as an ebook) ROUTLEDGE | AMAZON.CO.UK
  • Michael Cholbi (editor) – Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Global Views on Choosing to End Life (2017) from £21.85 (as an ebook): ABC CLIO (PRAEGER IMPRINT) | AMAZON.CO.UK
  • Michael Cholbi & Jukka Varelius (editors) – New Directions in the Ethics of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia (2015) from £59.99 (as a Springer Ebook): SPRINGER | AMAZON.CO.UK
  • Michael Cholbi (editor) – Immortality and the Philosophy of Death (2015) from £35.00 (as an EBook): ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD | AMAZON.CO.UK

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